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So this week we had another go at going to the Side On cafe, we decided to early... and to be honest we should have gone earlier... or later... as it was just as busy as the last time we tried basically we got the last table for two. There was still a bit of a queue but that was mainly for the take-aways.

On the way through we had a quick glance at the cabinet savories. Then sat down at our table. The waitress gave us a couple of menu's to browse over and asked if we wanted to order our coffee's / drinks, which we did our standard coffee's. Looking over the menu I couldn't really see what was from the cabinet, (or really remember what was what) so Xaria in her infinite wisdom went up and took a photo...

Cabinet selection at the Side On Cafe.

A few minutes later the waitress asked if we wanted to order, so we ordered something a little different... A brioche... and before you ask,  I have no idea the difference from that to what I just call a pin wheel bun thingie... undecided But I am sure I am going to get told and then promptly forget.

The Brioche's turned up first and then not to far behind was the coffee's. There was no side of butter for the brioche but trust me you don't really need it. It was "PDG" pretty darn good as it was. And we both said for our tastes the coffee's as not bad either.

As soon as the waitress saw that we had finished our pinwheel... sorry brioche she asked if it was okay to take our empty plates, which we answered "sure..."

Brioche and Coffee

Price wise it wasn't too bad, about $24.50  all up, but bear in mind that we do normally get two items each (Usually scone or cheese roll and sausage roll etc) this time only the one.

The staff seemed friendly enough and were pretty efficient... which brings us to does it feel like a cafe? Which Xaria and I are having trouble trying to explain even to our self. While this establishment meets all our own criteria of what we think a cafe should have and be, coffee, cabinet food and servings as well as seating and tables (not just take away) It is something that we are struggling to our finger on. 


To us, Side On felt more like a busy restaurant than a cafe, it was as an interesting concept seeing the bakery just there and watching it all happen however we can't put our finger on it but something was missing, It felt like they fitted all the ovens and bakery gizmo's in and then said we have left over room lets put some table and chairs in and call it a cafe... Now this is not any thing bad on the side of the Side On, as the coffee was fine, the brioche was great as to be expected fresh from the bakery just there...

Would we go there again, sure there was nothing wrong with it,Xaria said if she was passing she would pick up something for lunch for take away, but it wasn't really a place where you would go to meet up with your friends or where the cafe owner gets to know your order and how to make your coffee. Being as busy as it was probably didn't help because in a way we felt rushed, while we weren't, it just felt like we were. 'Move on" so we can seat the next couple. That can ruin the whole point of going to cafe, where you can catch up with your friends have a good chin wag and instead feeling rushed the waitress asks do we want another coffee.

The place was welcoming enough but Xaria came up with and added the term cozy. Warm and cozy and the over all atmosphere being welcoming. Some cafes have the seating in nooks and crannies that may have some arm chairs or a couch by the fire place. While others may have that second hand furniture that makes the place feel like you are at some one's flat or apartment instead of a cafe. And yet others will still have the modern look and can still have the cafe feel to it.

Again we seem can't put our finger on it, what makes it feel like a cafe, we know on paper what the difference is etc but the atmosphere from a genuine cafe... It appears we will have to keep going to some more cafes and try and answer our own question. First world problems.



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