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PeaZip is a free file archiver utility, based on Open Source technologies of 7-Zip, p7zip, Brotli, FreeArc, PAQ, Zstandard file compression tools, and on secure file compression and encryption PEA project.

Cross-platform, full-featured but user-friendly alternative to WinRar, WinZip and similar general purpose archive manager applications, open and extract 200+ archive formats: 001, 7Z, ACE(*), ARC, ARJ, BR, BZ2, CAB, DMG, GZ, ISO, LHA, PAQ, PEA, RAR(**), TAR, UDF, WIM, XZ, ZIP, ZIPX, ZST. View full list of supported archive file formats for archiving and for extraction.

As archive manager utility, PeaZip provides fast, high compression ratio multi-format archiving to 7Z, ARC, Brotli, BZ2, GZ, PEA, TAR, WIM, Zstandard and ZIP archives (write supported formats), and works as opener / extractor tool for 200+ archive types including ACE, ISO, RAR, ZIPX files, including ability to manage encrypted archives for supported formats.

This software deploys a powerful and complete file manager for editing, viewing, browsing and searching archive files, featuring a wide set of data security functions: strong encryption (AES, Twofish, Serpent), encrypted password manager, optional two-factor authentication (encryption / decryption with password and keyfile), secure delete, and file hashing tools.

For more information about archive creation and extraction performances compared with other popular file archivers tools, read file compression and decompression benchmarks page.

Safety of Open Source software

PeaZip is Free Software, employing technologies from state of art 7-Zip, p7zip, Brotli, FreeArc, PAQ, PEA, Zstandard open source file compression and archiving projects.
This software is released under Open Source GNU LGPLv3 copyleft license: the application is free for any use (private and professional).
All PeaZip packages are safe downloads, do not contain advertising or harmful software, and are identified with cryptographically secure SHA256 hash published on official dowenload site.

Advantages of downloading Portable packages

Portable packages, available for Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems as alternative to installable packages, does not need installation: simply extract and use the application for maximum ease of deployment.

The program also includes secure deletion features, checksum and hash verification, strong encryption options and file splitting/joining features. Other features include file search and filtering, Windows Explorer integrations, support for batch operations and more.

PeaZip is a cross platform file archiver software, supporting creation and extraction of multiple archive formats on Linux, Windows and other operating systems / architectures combinations supported by Lazarus/FPC IDE.
When compiled for Win32 or Win64, it supports Microsoft Windows systems, XP and Vista / 7 / 8.x / 10 family, both 32 bit and 64 bit versions (64 bit Windows system can run both native Win64 version, or 32 bit version through WoW64 subsystem), and API compatible Wine / ReactOS platforms.
The program can also be natively compiled, either with GTK2 or Qt widget set, for Linux x86 and Linux x86-64, pre-packed as DEB (Debian, Ubuntu, Knoppix, ...), RPM (Fedora, Mandriva, SUSE, Red Hat, ArkLinux), TGZ (Slackware), and TAR.GZ (portable, installation not required).
Experimental versions exists for ARM Linux and BSD, and on macOS (experimental)

Portable versions of of PeaZip cross-platform file archiver software are available for all supported platforms, those versions does not require installation and can be used simply unzipping the program's folder to the desired directory, and starting the application clicking on peazip executable.

UNACE Plugin, required to open and extract WinAce ACE files, is available for Windows and Linux platforms, both for installable and portable packages.
Optional UNRAR5 Plugin, alternative unrar engine (WinRar RAR5 format extraction is supported out of the box), based on RarLab's unrar code, is available too for Linux and Windows operating systems, both for portable and installable packages.
ACE and RAR compression (creation) is not implemented due to licensing limitations of those formats.
Those packages, available for multiple platfroms supported by PeaZip, requires separate download as they contains code released under licenses not compatible with Open Source LGPLv3: UNACE, UNRAR / UNRAR5 Plugins for Linux and Windows

Following screenshots are taken running PeaZip on multiple patforms: Darwin / macOS (prototype), MS Windows XP, Linux (Ubuntu) with GTK2 and Qt widget sets.

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