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My retro computing collection is not that big and to be honest its not really a collection. But I do have a few bits and bobs. As well as a few modern bits of hardware.


My Retro Computers

My retro computing collection is not that big and to be honest its not really a collection. But I do have a few bits and bobs. As well as a few modern bits of hardware.

C128 C64
  • Commodore C128D.
  • Commodore C64c. (With JiffyDOS).
  • C64 Mini.
  • I will be buying THEC64 (when it comes out.)
Shared Hardware
  • 1084s Monitor. (retired to save it was it is nearing it last legs).
  • Video Switcher to switch between the 128 and 64 using the one monitor.
  • Digitech Composite Audio Video to HDMI 4k Upscaler Converter (AC-1776) Allows me to use modern LCD/LED monitor.
  • Commodore 64/128 Computer Composite to S-Video Cable.
  • 1541 Floppy Diskdrive.
  • 1530 Datassette units. (Model C2N).
  • M-1 Maus.
  • USB Mouse.
  • Joystick.
  • 1541 II Floppy Diskdrive.
  • Master 1541 Floppy Diskdrive.
  • 1530 Datassette unit.
  • 1350 Mouse.
  • 2x Paddles.
  • 2x Joysticks.
Modern Hardware
  • SD2IEC SD card reader.
  • Video upscaler to plug into a modern monitor.
  • Composite to S-Video Cable.
  • SD2IEC SD card readers With LCD Readout.
  • Joystick switcher plus PS/2 mouse converter 1351.
  • Commodore Mouse Gamepad Joystick USB adapter TOM+.
Utilitiy Cartridges
  • EasyFlash.
  • x2 Epxy Fastload Reloaded.
  • Final Cartridge III+.
  • Turbo Chameleon V2.
  • Ultimate64 II+.
Music Cartridges
Games Cartridges
  • Loderunner.
  • Choplfter.
  • Lemans.
  • Super Smash.
  • Lode Runner.
Applications & Utilities
  • SuperBase 128.
  • Super Script 128.
  • DataFile 128.
  • Pedigree 128.
  • Colorez 128.
  • Graphic Assault System 128.
  • The Grapher.
  • Calendar.
  • Home Designer.
  • Job 128.
  • 128 Menu.
  • File Reader Printer.
  • DIR Print.
  • Label Quick Maker.
  • SuperCalc 128.
  • The Spriter Editor.
  • CBM Text Manager.
  • Text File Editor.
  • Run Script.
  • Speed Script.
  • Word Writer.
  • ARC Scan.
  • C128 DIagnose.
  • MS DOS 128.
  • Factory Test.
  • PuZip.
  • Directory Master.
  • Menu Master.
  • PreBoot.
  • UnZip 128.
  • And so many more...
  • GEOS C64 v2.0.
    • GeoPaint.
      • PhotoManager.
    • NotePad.
    • GeoWrite.
      • GeoMerge.
      • Text Grabber.
      • GeoSpell.
      • GeoDictionary.
      • PaperClip.
      • SpeedScript.
      • EasyScript Form.
      • WordWriter Form.
    • GeoCopy.
    • Calculator.
  • GEOS C64 v1.5.
  • SuperBase 64.
  • Financial Adviser.
  • Auto Menu.
  • Easy Finance.
  • CBM File Browser.
  • Green Valley Pro Financial Organizer.
  • Mail List.
  • Contact Dealer.
  • Easy Phone Book.
  • PrintMaster.
  • Label Maker.
  • Calendar Maker.
  • PrintShop.
  • Speedcalc.
  • Data Tool.
  • Abracalc.
  • Swift Calc.
  • Easy Script.
  • Easy Writer.
  • Word Master.
  • Text Data Pro.
  • Maxi Edit.
  • NotePad.
  • Ski Writer.
  • Art Studio.
  • Graphic Plotter.
  • Paint Now.
  • Picture Maker.
  • And so many more...
  • Far too many games to list here. However, I did buy The 8bit Guys game called Planet X2 as well as Planet X3 for DOS machines.
  • Yes, people are still making games for this old machine.
  • Yes, people are still making new hardware for this old girl.
  • Turbo Chameleon V2 and Docking Station (for runing it in stand alaone mode).
  • Multi Cartridge holder for C128/64.
  • Commpdore C64 "Breadbin" or "Breadbox".
  • I will be buying THEC64 when it comes out.
  • Amiga 500 or 600 and floppy drive and software.
  • Possibly a upgrade on my video upscaler.


C128D in C64 mode running Final Cartridge III+, via video UpScaler on LED screen. 1541 II, 1530 Datassette, SD2ICE Card Reader, M-1 Maus. You can see the port switcher sitting on top of the 1541 II (obviously not in use at the time lol). The SD2IEC sitting on the 1541 II Floppy drive. On the shelf above the Ultimate64 II, Mssiah, and Epxy cartridges plus second smaller SD2ICE reader.


So why do I want these?

So why do I want these you ask?... Because! End of the article see yah next time...lol

To be honest there is a bit of nostalgia, I use to have a C64, and then moved to the 128D (which I still have after all these years) from there I moved onto the Amiga ... and from there it was the XT, 286, 386, 486, skipping the 586 to the 686 etc ... and nowhere is my system.

So other than nostalgia why, well I want to see these old systems kept alive for as long as possible and many of the games and software not be lost to time and become completely lost, it is part of computing history.

So if it is part of history why not collect all old computers?

Money, storage... There a quite a few people that are collecting and a couple (even here in New Zealand) that have enough systems that they want to start a museum but that costs money and councils didn't want to help. Which is a shame.

I am not collecting or hoarding I am only wanting to have a couple of the systems I use to have back in the day, that's the nostalgia side, (with a couple of spares here and there.)




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