Author: Newstalk ZB

Cabin-fever's set in for one Auckland family who've spent the last nine months in lockdown to avoid measles.

There's been more than 1800 cases throughout New Zealand this year.

Former healthcare worker Tony, who only gave his first name, told Newstalk ZB's Heather du Plessis-Allan his wife and two children - including a five-month-old - have stayed at home while he goes to work.

His wife wants to get outside - but they're trying to limit the risks of exposure, he said. 

Tony said when his wife was pregnant with her second child, they got mixed messages on immunisation, thinking a rubella jab had made his wife safe.

He said that was inaccurate, and his wife wasn't immune at all.

Tony said his wife was turned away from being vaccinated because she wasn't in the target demographic.

However, he still goes to work because he's immune and doesn't interact with his family when he gets home until he's changed his clothes and washed. 

Tony said he's "still staggered" that he goes around supermarkets seeing people with children that are too young to be immunised.

He said it's unbelievable that "something so avoidable is now so rampant". 

Note from Nighthawk.NZ: Please vaccinate your children...
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