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OPINION: I have questioned Greta Thunberg's over-the-top tone this week, which resulted in a free-for-all public Tasering session which I have survived. Bruised, shocked, but alive to carry on the fight.

So I called her overly dramatic. Shock, horror, nasty old me. I've even said the 16-year-old climate change activist should be in line for an Oscar as best supporting act. 

If that counts as mocking, then I'm genuinely sorry to her. Something tells me she's a whole lot tougher and more resilient than that.

But once again the conga line of racist wokes lined up to condemn the likes of Mark Richardson, Mike Hosking and myself as some kind of white neanderthals.

Why point out we're white? Save your tired racist narrative for when we deserve it, but it doesn't fit the climate stoush. Focus. Focus. 

Now hear this. I agree with Greta. I think she's a remarkable young leader, which I said this week also, but why repeat that when you're putting the boot in – gets in the way of your lie, you're trying to pimp your product to the public.

And Mark is a closet greenie who also pines for a better planet and, like me, agrees man is doing horrid things to quicken the pace of the climate warming.

I believe in climate change and think Greta has done more than anyone to wake up the world from its giant slumber. I hope those around her aren't the ones actually stealing her childhood.

But here's the reality. We can't stop the world right now to save the planet.

Duncan Garner: "So I called [Greta Thunberg] overly dramatic. Shock, horror, nasty old me."

Immediate changes can be made, but immediate results are impossible to achieve. Fringe measures, while helpful, send the wrong message that urgency isn't needed.

If a giant move was made that started to jolt us, maybe we'd wake the hell up because our complacency is only matched by the yawning gap between politicians' words and their weak and wussy actions.

Staying in power and not upsetting a growing and grumpy middle NZ appears to matter more than saving Greta's children and grandchildren.

Isn't the greatest gift life itself, and if that's the case, Jacinda, get bold. Grant, grow some balls. And James Shaw, minister of climate change, must demand a seat within Cabinet. How dare this portfolio be demoted so low.

Clearly cutting things will cost us, but so be it. Fewer cows means less revenue for the Government, so what goes first? Free school lunches and free student fees are a luxury, so they go now. Students, are you OK with this?

Article: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/116165358/heres-real-climate-action-cancel-christmas-free-fees-and-no-free-lunches
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