Author: Perry Wilton & James Fyfe

Defence Force chiefs and commanders are expected to be grilled this week in the latest stage of Operation Burnham.

Various leaders will face questions on Monday in relation to allegations that arose in the book Hit & Run by journalists Jon Stephenson and Nicky Hager.

The book lifts the lid on a SAS-led raid in Afghanistan in 2010.

The authors claim that Defence Force breached the rules of engagement during its time in Afghanistan, and that there has been a cover-up over civilian deaths.

"This hearing is very different from the previous hearing because it's the first time the public will have heard from key players as to what they say happened in the aftermath of Burnham," says Stephenson.

"It's a very important thing as part of the democratic process that the Defence Force is held to account for any actions that may not have been in accordance with what the public has been told they were doing."

Stephenson says it's vital that the Defence Force answer to the public.

"I think this is a very important hearing for the public to be aware of because it's the first time in recent history that our Defence Force has appeared before a tribunal and had to answer questions regarding public statements they have made about our activities in the conflict."

Former Governor-General Sir Jerry Mateparae is expected to be first to give evidence. 

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