Analysis of the political and strategic implications of Brexit crisis in UK for its standing amongst its traditional allies. Interview, Bruce Munro, Global Insight, ODT, 21 Nov. 2019.


So should the UK leave the five eyes? Other allies especially Canada and the US say New Zealand should be kicked out of the Five Eyes over the China connection, the irony is the same is said about the US and Trump over the Ukraine and Russia debarkle, and Aussie and China again...

So who should leave the 5 eyes over security risks...?

  • UK over Brexit and the Russian connection
  • NZ over the China spy connection
  • US and Trump over the Ukraine and Russia debarkle
  • Aussie over more China interference.
  • Canada & Huawei 

    To me it is says that the Five Eyes are not doing the bloody job probably...

Note from Nighthawk.NZ:

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