Author: Sharnae Hope

The carpet is as hard as concrete and there's about 100 badly patched up holes in the wall.

"It's the worst tenant situation I've ever had," said a Waikato landlord who will have to spend $25,000 to fix the property. "The whole place is trashed."

Peter Spitters, 72, has had the same tenant in the Te Aroha property since 2009. She had been paying $270 a week for a two-bedroom unit with a garage attached.

Spitters said, after his tenant started a relationship with an older man, it all went "down hill" and they started having regular parties and fights broke out in the house.

With ongoing health issues, Spitters stopped regularly inspecting the house, but never thought it would get this bad.

Eventually he said he had had enough and gave her 90 days notice.

Te Aroha landlord Peter Spitters' tenants destroyed the interior of a unit, which will cost him $25,000 to fix.

"There's holes all over the walls and you can see where they tried to patch them up, they kicked one of the doors in and there's stains all over the carpet and child drawings on the walls," Spitters said.

Spitters has been a landlord for 35 years, currently owning around 12 properties in the Te Aroha area. He said he has had a few issues with tenants, but this case is the worst.

"I had waited so long, because they were telling me that they were looking at other houses, but two years later they still hadn't found anywhere," Spitters said.

The carpet in the lounge and bedrooms have year's of stains and the oven had never been cleaned.

"I eventually told them that I wanted to renovate the house, so they would move out, and then I said they wouldn't be coming back in once it had been renovated. They revved up and wrecked the place more."

Spitters said when the tenants moved out last week, he found damage to the wiring and the house's heating system, which he said the tenants had pulled out.

"They ripped out the heater and said they were going to take me to court for $4000, because there has to be heating in the house," he said.

"But you can clearly tell they have tampered with it."

Some of the badly patched up holes in the garage.

To keep costs down, Spitters said, he does most of the upkeep himself, but the trashed house will take him more than three months to renovate.

"I've got a list of people who want to move in. The lady at number five wants to move in to this one because it's got a bigger garden and then I've already got someone lined up for the house.

"Landlords shouldn't have to put up with this these days with good tenants waiting to find homes."

Despite all the damages, Spitters said, he has no plans to take the tenants to the Tenancy Tribunal.

"The Tenancy Tribunal is just a waste of time. They are all for the tenant, it's not the other way around.

"Where would they [the tenants] get the money from anyway. Those people have no money."

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