Author: Tom McRae

Chaos is expected across Hong Kong on Tuesday night (NZ time) as anti-government protestors aim to spoil China's party.

It's 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China and the Communist Party is celebrating with a massive parade and a show of force unlike anything seen in decades.

The scale of the celebration is hard to overstate. It took China's President Xi Jinping half an hour just to inspect the full military guard. Every inch of Tianamen Square and the surrounding streets has been turned into a parade ground.

Tens of thousands of troops from 59 different elements of the military have been brought together in a clear show of strength.

In his speech, President Xi said there is no force that can stop the Chinese people.

From tanks to anti-aircraft weapons, 580 different types of military hardware were on display - including never seen before state of the art drones.

Also on exhibition were China's latest intercontinental ballistic missiles, which are largely believed to be the most powerful on the planet.

That was followed up by a 160 plane fly-over, the entire three-hour display choreographed to perfection.

Meanwhile, in Hong Kong protestors are planning to spoil China's party with a demonstration of their own.

They're already gathering and scuffles have already broken out.

In the next few hours over Tuesday night, hundreds of thousands more are expected to take to the streets in a show of force they hope is just as powerful as the display on the Chinese mainland.

Article: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2019/10/chaos-expected-in-hong-kong-as-anti-government-protests-continue.html
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