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A common question I get is, what riding gear do I use?  Now I have just upgraded/replaced my old gear for a mix of reasons, the first reason is my old leathers became to large for me. Yes you read and heard that right. I have lost a bit of weight over the last year (30Kg's to be exact, I was 105kg I am now 75kgs) and my current QuasiMoto riding leathers became to big. I literally swim in the trousers and the Jacket was a bit loose. 

My new diet, is a life style change and I am not simply going to stop it because I have lost the weight just to put it back on, this is where a lot of people fail.

Anyhow we are here about my riding gear no my diet and weight lose...

So I decided it was time to replace them. I decided on RST Jacket and Trousers. Funny thing is my boots and gloves are also RST which I didn't really realise till after the fact. While I will be getting some new gloves soon as they are getting a bit worn. But my boots I didn't really know the brand as when I bought them I was on a tour and needed them, I was out of town and touring and my soul of my old boot finally gave out. So I stopped at the first bike store I came across and just bought what fitted and what they had... and never really looked at the brand till now. Just so happens to be RST Tundra Boots.

So I have now purchased the RST Sabre CE leather Jacket and the matching RST Sabre CE Leather Trousers so I can zip them together when touring and the become a one piece suite without being a one piece suite.

RST Sabre CE Leather Jacket
RST Sabre CE Leather Trousers
RST Tundra Touring Boots

So that is the new gear. I still have the same thermals, and wet, and same helmet, but I am looking at replacing this next year as well as it is getting up there in age. Only Time will tell whether I will like my new leathers or not. But


As I said the rest of my gear is the same as it was in my previous article.

Sidi ST Air Boots - When I want more support and or any track days... (Not that have don any in many many years)
RST Evo Gloves. These are next inline to be replaced.
Oxford ChillOut thermal top
Oxford ChillOut Thermal Leggings
DriRider Wet Weather Jacket
DriRider Wet Weather Leggings

"Caberg Sintesi"  This is my main every day goto helmet
Note from Nighthawk.NZ:

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