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I had never heard of this on before, which to be fair the cafe itself is targeted at Otago University Students and is built in the Forsyth Barr Stadium Complex which is an are I don't go to.

We weren't 100% sure where we going and basically said will look out for a flag that say "Cafe" or "Open" or "Coffee" and as we came around the corner to roughly where we thought it was there it was, Plaza Cafe with a open flag outside. We were pretty early to miss any rush. There were already a few people there in the cafe.

It is in a big wide open space and has a few pool tables and another section of the university... It kinda felt like a student common room and had that echo sound to it.

We ventured to the counter and they had a pretty good selection of cabinet food, so it was a cheese scone and cheese roll as well as the main ingredient coffee's.

They had a mix of tables and chairs as well as more lounge type chairs and tables which was good. We choose the lounge chairs and table.

It wasn't exactly cold in the cafe but it was exactly warm either but the heating could have been turned up a little as it is still winter.

Our scones and my coffee arrived first followed by Xaria's soy milk coffee. A few minutes later our cheese rolls. Both came with a small plastic tub of butter on the side. (which to be honest surprised meas it is targeted at students and throw away plastic etc... in today's world. Now it doesn't bother me as I know most plastics can be recycled as I am a plastic fabricator)

We though the scones were ok, but could have done with a tad more cheese, Xaria said the texture was pretty good though. With the cheese rolls they weren't bad but again could done with a bit more cheese, I mean that is why we bought them Cheese Scone and Cheese Roll right?

I had no complaints or comments on my coffee and I looked and asked Xaria and she said it was wet, I think she just needed a coffee as long as if it was wet.

Did it feel like a cafe, Xaria sort of thought it did, but kinda didn't. I said it feel like being in a student common room, which to be fair again the Cafe is called University Plaza Cafe and is targeted at the students. Over all the staff were friendly and the prices weren't to bad from memory is was $34.00. However it's the type of cafe we would go to to meet up with friends unless I was a student and living down that end of town in studentville. But if I was in the area and wanted a bite to eat and a coffee sure...


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