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Author: Molly Swift

Russia has black-listed 32 New Zealanders from entering their country, accusing them of being "Russophobic".

On Saturday, the Russian Foreign Ministry published a list of personal sanctions on Kiwis including mayors, professors, journalists and members of the Defence Force from entering the Russian Federation on an "indefinite basis".

Russia said the ban is in response to our government's sanctions on Russia that were implemented in response to the Ukraine invasion. 

"In response to New Zealand government sanctions that apply to an increasing number of Russian citizens - both officials and members of their families, as well as representatives of the business community and the media - 32 New Zealanders from among the heads of municipal bodies, law enforcement agencies and journalists who form the Russophobic agenda in this country," Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement. 

"Entry to the Russian Federation for these persons is closed on an indefinite basis."

The statement said the list will continue to be updated since Wellington does not intend to abandon the "anti-Russian course" and continues to impose new restrictions on Russia.

After Russia invaded Ukraine in February, many countries around the world imposed strict economic sanctions to condemn their actions.


New Zealand's sanctions against Russia included banning exports to Russian military and security forces, an export tax on Russian imports and a travel ban against Russian Government officials and other individuals associated with the invasion.

Here is the full list of New Zealand citizens banned:

  • John Anthony - Newspaper columnist for the New Zealand Herald

  • Shane Arndell - Deputy Commander Naval Forces

  • Lianne Audrey Dalziel - Mayor of Christchurch

  • Chris Darby - Member of the Auckland City Council 

  • Andrew John Whitfield Foster - Mayor of Wellington

  • Philip Bruce Goff - Mayor of Auckland

  • Garin Golding - Operational Commander Naval Forces

  • Kate Green - Columnist for the Dominion Post

  • Aaron Garth Hawkins - Mayor of Dunedin

  • Ian Hill - Publicist, employee at Institute of International Relations

  • Stephen Hoadley - Associate Professor at the University of Auckland

  • James Hollings - Journalism teacher at Massey University

  • Matthew Hooton - Newspaper journalist at New Zealand Herald

  • Rose King - Deputy Commander of the Ground Forces of the Armed Forces

  • Rob Krushka - Chief of Joint Defence Services Brigadier

  • Matt Lawrey - Member of the Nelson City Council

  • Richard Maclean - Member of the Wellington City Council

  • Tracy Mulholland - Member of the Auckland City Council

  • Thomas Manch - Newspaper political commentator at the Dominion Post

  • Hugh McAslan - Land Component Commander of the Armed Forces

  • Ian Mower - Deputy Chief of Air Force

  • Bridget Musker - Head of financial service for the Armed Forces

  • Whena Owen - TV correspondent for TVNZ

  • Shaun Sexton - Operational Commander for the Air force

  • Josie Pagani - Newspaper political commentator fro the Dominion Post

  • Pete Rainey - Member of the Nelson City Council

  • Rachel Hadley Reese - Mayor of Nelson

  • Sharon Stewart - Member of the Auckland City Council

  • Pasanka Wickremasinghe - Head of finance for the Ministry of Defense

  • Matthew Weston - Head of personnel service for the Armed Forces

  • Mike Yardley - Ministry of Defence Deputy Secretary Capability Delivery

  • Nicola Young - Member of the Wellington City Council

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