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Author: Monika Barton

Mai FM host Nickson Clark struggled to keep his cool during an interview with flat-Earther David Weiss, dubbing the conspiracy theorist an "idiot" as the conversation got heated. 

Clark questioned Weiss about his insistence society was being lied to about the real shape of the planet, asking: "What about the space station? The people who have gone out into space?"

Those are experiments, and they've come back with photos and evidence... I can Google proof," Clark said. 

Weiss responded that the "proof" being shown from the space station was often being "faked", claiming: "The astronauts when they're doing their flips get caught in their wires sometimes because they're hanging from wires. Other times they're on zero-G planes." 

An anguished Clark was unable to hear any more, interrupting Weiss despite the protests of his co-hosts. 

"Nah, I actually believe you're an idiot - but whatever," Clarke said. 

"They don't want you knowing who you are, where you are, or what you are. They don't want you knowing that the world that you live in is not a random accident from a big bang," Weiss continued. 

"They want us living in fear, thinking that we're running out of dinosaur juice to run our cars." 

When asked what would happen if everyone accepted Weiss' theory that the Earth was, in fact, flat, he said that "all the governments would dissolve, all universities would dissolve, all science programmes would dissolve and most religions would collapse". 

When Clark suggested that the only way Weiss might change his mind on the matter was if he was flown into space to see the curvature of the Earth for himself, Weiss replied: "Space doesn't exist as you know it, nobody has ever been to space." 

Article: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/entertainment/2021/01/you-re-an-idiot-nickson-clark-explodes-at-flat-earther-on-mai-fm.html
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