Author: Crystal Wu

Advance NZ has distanced themselves from claims the Lake Ōhau Village fires were caused by a direct energy weapon.

The party's Wairarapa candidate Nigel Gray shared on Facebook last Monday the fire was deliberately started by a targeted weapon.

"The Lake Ōhau Village Fire was definitely a directed energy weapons fire," Gray posted on Facebook group 'Spiritual Renaissance NZ Unleashed'.

"From descriptions and photos so far, all appearances are that this was a DEW [direct energy weapon] attack."

The Lake Ōhau Village fire earlier this month demolished over 5000 hectares of land and left 46 homes destroyed.

Local power lines company Network Waitaki said it's too early to say what caused the massive blaze.

"There were unprecedented strong winds up in the area last night," Network Waitaki chief executive Geoff Douch said.

"I've heard people comment that it may be power lines arcing, but at the moment it's too early to say."

Advance NZ co-leader Jami-Lee Ross said the party had nothing to do with Gray's beliefs.

"Mr Gray is speaking for himself and not Advance NZ," Ross explained.

"The Party doesn't have any further comment."

This is not the first time conspiracy theorists claimed targeted weapons were the cause of wildfires.

In 2018, photos and videos of the California Wildfire went viral, with allegations the blast was caused by "powerful lasers".

In January, Facebook posts of a bright line emanating from the Australian bushfires had users convinced the deadly incident was caused by lasers and exploding smart meters.

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