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With the world on the brink of a shut down due to the fear of Coronavirus COVID-19 spreading like wildfire throughout the world. We need to stop, calm down and take a deep breath to think about it, it is not the end of the world, nor is it the end of our civilisation... (yes there are people preaching this)

It is not the time to bring out the hate and fear, or racism and greed, it is the time where humans need to show why we have made it this far in our history. It is a time to show compassion and to help our fellow human.

It is not the time to bring out the hate and fear, or racism and greed

Yes throughout history we have tried to kill each other with 2 world wars, and various other wars and skirmishes. However, we now face a different and new enemy. Our enemy is not each other, our enemy is not race, our enemy is not a religion, nor is it colour or creed, our enemy is not where you live or where you come from, our enemy does not care what language you speak or what colour skin you have our enemy does not care of these, our enemy will attack all of us, no matter who you are.

Yes, some will get attacked harsher than others, some may get seriously ill, some will and have already died, and these are the people we need to help and protect. Stats show that most people will recover from this even the elderly. But still, these are the people we have to show why humans are different from the rest of the wildlife.

It’s called compassion, sharing, helping those that need it. Yes we will have to do things differently and we are in for a bumpy ride but the human race has been through worse, and they came together for a common cause, and as stated, this time our enemy is not each other. It is a time to step up and show why we as humans have evolved to where we are today and not show that we don’t really deserve to here.

Everyone and I mean everyone, no matter what country you are from

It is also not a time for the blame game, so stop pointing fingers, as that is not helping the current situation. It is not a time to hoard or panic buying and stripping the supermarket shelves. If we all buy as we normally would there is enough for everyone. Stop the greed, and panic buying we are all in this together.

Everyone and I mean everyone, no matter what country you are from, where you are from, where you current are, I mean as a planet as a united human race, set aside your differences set aside your hate and help your family, friends, neighbours, but also help those you don’t know and do your part to beat this... After we beat it come to the table and talk as we can keep it going... and do more than just talk, we have to be united and stay united else we would have learnt nothing...

We can do it.

Example of panic buying which limits others to the resources...


Photo taken at Auckland airport today. This covers it perfectly - nothing needs to be said.

Can we all just take a moment to remember that we've never been through this before.

Our government will make mistakes. And so will we.

Something our country's leaders tell us will be relevant one day, but not the next.

That doesn't mean they were wrong. It just means we're in unchartered territory and a rapidly changing situation calls for rapidly changing best courses of action.

We need to stop blaming the system for "failing us" and focus on making sure WE don't fail those around us.

• Don't need to go out? Don't.
• Wash your hands. A lot.
• Work from home if you can.
• Be understanding and patient.
• Don't take more than your fair share.
• Be kind. Some people are handling it better than others.

Right now, we're a Wikipedia page in the making.

But as every disaster throughout history has shown us, they have an end date. We may be fumbling our way through this without "tried and true" methods for how to do so, but we WILL fumble through eventually.

Stay safe, everyone.

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 "Stop the craziness, start the compassion..."
A light article I quickly wrote... kind of needs to be shared as much as possible...

ermm I am not an author and hopefully not to many spelling and grammer errors... lol

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