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So today's Cafescapading Cafe was actually thought of in advance ie; we thought about it yesterday and we choose Copper on Highgate.

Name: Copper on Highgate
Address: 595 Highgate, Maori Hill, Dunedin 9010
Website: http://www.copperonhighgate.co.nz/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CopperonHighgate/

Not 100% sure where it was while on our way...  driving to the rough location where we thought it was and a park right at the front door we were off to a good start... which was good because it was drizzle rain... one of those meh days!

We ordered savory scones, sausage roll for me and a cheese roll for Xaria plus our coffees. We found a table and seats by the window to ponder the the situation of what makes a great cafe.  On saying that Copper Cafe most definitely had that cafe feel and atmosphere to it Jazz music going in the background... and seemed quite popular.


It didn't take to long for our coffees, and savory's to arrive. I really enjoyed sausage roll and the relish... as in a first I used all the relish on a medium size roll. We both said the savory scones were fine but something was missing maybe a bit more salt when making the dough or something the texture was fine, just something missing... but overall the scone was fine.

The coffees were coffee's mine was a little weaker than I am use to but again since I we didn't state any strength in the coffee it was well a coffee.

As we said this place definitely has the cafe feel and atmosphere to it. there was a nice wee nook with a couple of arm chairs and a coffee table we would have chosen if another couple hadn't stolen our seats... ;-)

The staff were friendly. The over all cost was a little higher than normal at $32.00 but Highgate is in the upper market area so rent wouldn't be that cheap.

Over all we enjoyed today's Cafescapade.

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