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We had predetermined to meet some friends at the Side On cafe at  10am, however once we got there there was a queue, and just to get in for the takeaway section and it appeared that the main cafe was pretty full as well. So a quick change of plan, as I hate queues, Xaria dislikes queue's and our friends don't like them either.

So we walked around the block to "The Perc" and low and behold... there seemed to be a queue there as well. So a second quick change of plan... the Nova it was.

We have been to the Nova many times in the past, however to be totally honest it has been quite a few years since I was last here. Locals will know all about the Nova doughnut/donuts that you get to inject the filling of your choice with a syringe... Now I have been avoiding Nova because of these Donuts and my current diet... However I did well today... I did not order them Whilst I was tempted... and therefore I did not go on a sugar high for the rest of the day. The old me would have and I would be suffering for the rest of the day.

Cabinet servings at the Nova

We given a a table for four and a menu  after we had a quick look in the cabinet  of their offerings... cheese scone and savory Pinwheel for me it was... The waitress also bought over some water. However it was sparkling water which I can not stand, although Xaria does not mind. It would have been nice for the option of plain or sparkling water. Many people do not like sparkling water and would prefer just plain water... ie; me.

We all ordered a cheese scone, Xaria got an extra muffin while Lianne and I got the savory pinwheel, and Ken got a chocolate brownie slice (I believe).


Our coffees came first and today I actually got a triple shot coffee today... and not long after our food. First the cheese scones, which we all commented that yes you can taste the cheese, and its not just a sprinkling on top...The pinwheel had the gooey goodness I like in the centre and we all like gooey goodness ... well okay we all know I like gooey goodness. laughing

Coffee, Cheese Scone and Savory Pinwheel

However I will interject and comment here and say they could have been heated that little longer. Whilst they were warm could have been that fraction longer to really help the butter melt through. Same with the savory pin wheel. However this is just a passing comment as they scones and pinwheel were fine as they were.

We all commented that their large coffees weren't that large and I should have ordered a bucket of coffee.

Ken and Lianne a the ones that talked us in to starting the Cafescapade blog as they noted how many cafes were going to a few they had not heard of before...

I have always enjoyed the our visit to the Nova, and today didn't disappoint it was good food, good coffee and good company... which is all part of the cafe culture. Therefore Nova definitely falls into that category it has that cafe feel and atmosphere about it.  It has that warm welcoming feel to it it doesn't feel sterile like some cafes do... decor in a cafe can do a lot in how welcoming it feels and gives to the over all atmosphere and culture.

I am slowly working up to a cafe culture article ... and well not every one will agree with it just what I think the cafe culture is...


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