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Evacuation plans are reportedly being prepared for President Vladimir Putin in case the Russian army is defeated in Ukraine.

The "plans for evacuation" were being compiled by "Putin himself and his entourage", according to the General SVR channel on messaging app Telegram, which is said to be run by someone with inside knowledge of the Kremlin and has previously reported on Putin's health. 

According to the channel, the Russian President knows there's "the possibility of a sharp change of mood in the country", the Daily Mail reported.

The latest claims come after earlier reports from the channel regarding Putin's health. 

Last month, Putin was reportedly struck down by a "sharp sickness" and required "urgent medical assistance".

Footage also emerged of Putin shaking uncontrollably - sparking rumours he may have Parkinson's disease - while there have also been reports of him undergoing surgery to remove fluid from his abdomen, and claims of possible abdominal cancer.

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