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So making is not always creating something from nothing or making a cabinet from a plank of wood, it can be seeing various items and putting them together and making a new item. In this case, we bought some industrial-grade shelving units. This is not the cheapest option however it is a very simple idea and looks really good and gives a very industrial look.

For our complete office set up, we used five shelving units which are 1800mm high x 900mm long x 400mm deep for about $76 each. We used three pre-made benchtops, they are 2200mm long x 600mm wide x 26mm thickness at $98 each.

Cost of the office upgrade.
Shelves: $380.00 (x5 sets)
Acacia Benchtop: $294.00 (x3 benchtops)
Draws: $100.00 (x2 units)

Total: $774.00

Now that sounds expensive but one has to remember we got three work stations and a small workbench by the window, with a ton of shelf space and is a lot more solid than the average computer desks kits you can buy. $774.00 / 3 = $258.00 per work station or desk. Now you can get desks a lot cheaper than this (and also a lot more expensive) but the cheap ones as stated are usually not that stable and or that big, don't have a lot of storage, the height is set and is non-configurable.

Making your desk or work station this way it is configurable to meet your needs, it is very stable with heaps of storage. ie; want the height of the desk higher or lower, no problem, our shelves are adjustable in 40mm increments. Want the draws on the right, not the left not a problem. Need two sets of draws, no problem just buy a second one. Don't need all the shelves above the desk don't install them.

If you only wanted a single desk, in our case we would have only needed one shelf unit and one benchtop. However, make sure that the shelving unit you buy allows you to reconfigure it and you don't require the shelves above your desk. But if you would like the shelves above each side then you would need 2 sets of shelves and a benchtop.

Our office we use to call our junk room was cluttered and our go-to dumping place of anything and everything that need somewhere to be stored.

Our old computer desks a couple of miss matches and bits and pieces to make it useable.

My new video editing setup. Draws to the left, my full work station set up and I gained extra shelves.

Xaria's laptop setup. Showing the configurable, the shelves on the right are only half shelf and the top half is under the window. 

Half shelf on Xaria side. (top shelf now has the same as benchtop)

Before photo's of our dumping stop behind the door...

Behind the door with a third work station with C128D and CNC and small workbench and a ton of shelves.
The only thing really left to do is some cable management... which I am not that good at lol.

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