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Author: William Hewett

An Australian cafe has been slammed by locals for its stingy Vegemite on toast, with one person saying it's "un-Australian". 

An outraged customer shared a photo on Reddit of the "very disappointing" piece of toast on Saturday, which was flooded with hundreds of comments.

The Sydney cafe was not named but the photo showed a very light spread of butter and two small smears of Vegemite. The Reddit post has seen more than 720 comments since it was posted two days ago with many showing their outrage at the poor quality of Vegemite from the cafe. 

Australian cafe slammed for 'very disappointing' Vegemite on toast
Photo credit: Reddit

"They stuffed up every step. Not enough toasting, not enough butter, not enough Vegemite," one person said, while another commented: "I always wondered how badly you can you f**k up Vegemite on toast, we have a new leader."

Another person said: "I'd have taken it back and demanded to talk to whoever thought that was acceptable. That's just un-Australian and it needs to be called out."


"Why even bother to do such a piss-weak effort at all? Like, if you are just going to do that to it... Don't bother at all mate, hand me the knife and I'll spread it myself," another person wrote.

Other people commented on the Reddit post saying the cafe worker deserved to go to prison for the "condiment crime".

"Inflation is tough. Restaurants are trying to make their condiments last for the next decade," joked another.

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