A Christchurch landlord has started the massive job of clearing her rental property after evicting a tenant due to hoarding.

Krishna Saha said she took Philip Johns, 70, to the Tenancy Tribunal five times and kicked him as he owed about $35,000 in unpaid rent.

About six cars, a police motorbike, a cooker, a bed frame, a bathtub and at least eight fridges and six washing machines are among the many items filling the back and front yards of the Addington property.

Krishna Saha has started removing all the junk left at her Addington rental property by a hoarder.

Johns denied he was a hoarder and said the items were donations he reconditioned to send to disaster zones.

Saha began the mammoth task of clearing the property on Wednesday before new tenants could move in.

Items can be seen filling the front and back yards of the property.

She said she was required to notify Johns before removing anything worth more than $200, but there was not anything of that value on the property.

Saha, who owns five properties, has been involved in more than 100 tenancy tribunal hearings over the years. 

Where to get help:

Saha says the tenant owes her tens of thousands in unpaid rent.
"People hoard because they have difficulty or feel distress when throwing things away, which leads to the accumulation of things," says Dr Janet Spittlehouse, a postdoctoral fellow at Christchurch Health & Development Study Department of Psychological Medicine at the University of Otago.
The items left at Saha's property include old cars, washing machines, a bed frame and a bath tub.
Article: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/115722682/worker-to-clean-up-christchurch-hoarder-house-begins
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